Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thanksgiving to Christmas!

Here's a few updated pics of the last month or so.
I'll write more soon for all you checking in from the Christmas letter!

Me and Ahpa earlier this December

My other father, me and K at the SD Zoo.

Pro stink-facer.
(Thanksgiving Numero Uno at the Yancey's! )

Thanksgiving numero dos
(Numero Tres was Twilight with my pseudo father-in-law)

Thanksgiving Hosts!

What good sports our parents are

Game On Settlers Fans!!

My big win! I think I was orange :) check out that longest road suckers!

My pretty little latte

Merry Christmas from the Sands!! - and Santa!

My first Dutch Baby in my new Dutch Baby Pan!
Thanks Mom!!

The day after Boxing Day...typical sunny day off
J and his Banjo with Tosh grazing in the fields

My survivors! the red in the back is from Birthday 2011
The spiny one up front - Christmas 2010 and the green flowery
one Christmas 2009! woohoo!

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Second Sister said...

thanks for all the pics! Looks like lots of good celebration times with special folks.- love ya.